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Attitude Matters- Michael Stone

I continue to hear from service - related small business owners that they don't like sales. "I am not a salesperson," they proclaim. "I don't like pressuring people." Let's be clear on two issues. First, if you are in business, you are in sales. If you don't sell your services, you won't have any work. Real simple. You are in sales if you are in business. Accept it. Second, sales are only "pressure" if you are trying to sell something to folks that they neither want nor need. A good sales presentation is not high pressure and if you believe it is or should be, you need to educate yourself on how a professional salesperson properly conducts business. There are a lot of resources available for sales training, and the investment in proper training is one of the best investments you can make. One option is to start with my book, "Profitable Sales, A Contractor's Guide ", or my 6-hour class, on the same topic. It's all in your attitude. Your attitude needs to be that you are helping folks solve a problem. I have never sold anyone anything. I have, however, helped a lot of people solve problems in and around their homes or buildings. When a customer asks for your call, it's because they need help with something. They don't expect the help for free, but they do want the best and most trustworthy person to solve their problem. Your job is to establish yourself as that person, the contractor they should choose to solve their problem. That's not selling - that's your job. What's your selling attitude? How could you improve it?

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