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Bring Your Ratings

Some of the more successful and savvy pros in our system have invented a unique strategy for their business: they carry their ratings to every job.

Here's the scenario: You do good work for a homeowner, get along great with her, and maybe she submits a review of your good work. But your next client might not find you through ServiceMagic; or they might find you through our service, but choose to not look at the individual reviews, and look at just the overall rating. While your overall rating should be a solid piece of evidence (everyone has a good rating, right?), you need to go further to show your next customer your personal touch.

What to Do

First, encourage everyone to give you a rating. You did the work that was asked, did a good job, and helped a homeowner out in some form or fashion. Make sure that they understand that proving your reputation is important to you and your business. The rating and review process is quick and easy.

Next, print off your reviews, put them in a binder (preferably in plastic sleeves so they won't get damaged), and leave this binder in your truck. Every time you go out on a lead, give this binder to the homeowner to look over while you are investigating the work to be done. Allow the homeowner a chance to see what you have done over the years as a whole, and on an individual basis.

While you are up on the roof, or in a crawl space, or looking for something in your truck, the homeowner can be reading what others have said about you. And remember, you can (and should) do this with all leads, not just ones that come from ServiceMagic. You have earned your ratings, and you should use them in as many places as you can.

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