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Dress the Part

Rick, part of our customer service team, worked with a service pro who had attended the Palm Beach School of Design and had been doing very well until he moved his design business from Florida to Georgia. After establishing his business in Georgia, he was doing numerous sales calls and estimates, but was not winning any jobs. Rick asked him what he had changed since leaving Florida and was told, "not a thing". After further conversation, Rick found out he was wearing shorts and a tee-shirt on sales calls when he gave his estimates. In evaluating the potential customers in both areas, the service pro agreed that the clientele in Georgia was quite different than in Florida, and he needed to change his appearance when meeting potential customers in Georgia. He started dressing professionally for his estimates, and in a short time, he was effectively selling his services.

Potential customers may be spending thousands of dollars for the product or service you provide. Dress the part. Let them see they are working with a professional business owner.

Brass Tacks: A potential customer knows very little about you before you meet them. Put your best foot forward. In every communication with potential customers, respond to them with professional messaging, and dress. It will help you sell your services.

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