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Forever Your Customers

Here's the secret we don't ever let out. Once we give you a homeowner's information, that homeowner is now your customer. You don't have to pay for her again. You can send her Holiday cards thanking her for her business, call at certain times of the year to see if she needs any of your services. You can give her your card, a refrigerator magnet with you company info, you name it.

Put it to Use

Many of our service professionals are very savvy about talking again and again to their customers.

• Roofing contractors reach out to their customers after a heavy rain or snow to make sure their roof is still okay.

• Maids call their former clients before the Holidays to see if they need some help.

• Landscaping pros touch base with their homeowners before spring hits and as winter is approaching.

So keep track of your customers, the ones who choose to use you and the ones who use someone else. They might not work out on the initial call, but maybe they will further down the road.

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