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Giving Customers The VIP treatment = More Business

A friend of mine just took his BMW 3 series sedan in for servicing. He bought the car for around $40,000. For half that price, he could have purchased a Chevolet Malibu. Why pay twice the cost of the Malibu to own a BMW? Because BMW provides exceptional customer service. When he drops his car off for servicing, he gets another BMW for a loaner. It's clean, fast, and fun to drive. He doesn't mind paying more for this type of service.

How does this apply to home improvement? People like exceptional customer service. There are some simple things you can do to go "above and beyond" consumer expectations so that your customers don't forget you. It's making them feel special and appreciated. Some of these things are quite simple, and some are more expensive.

I'm including a list of some good customer service practices you can download to try in your own business. Due to the different cost of home services, I've broken them down into low, medium, and high cost projects. I want to share these ideas with you, but I also want to hear some exceptional customer service stories from you. What have you done in the past that has left a wonderful impression on your customers?

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